VIM4 Battery + External Power Supply

Hi, I’ve seen that on the Shop there is a VIM4 battery pack that i guess must be connected to the VIN connector on the board or there is another connector that i’m missing ?
I have a couple of questions:
If i supply power to the vim 4 trough the 40 pin will it charge the battery pack or it will charge only trough the usb-c ? Does the battery pack has the cell balancer ?

Hi @Dario_Armellin

There is no such battery product for VIM4, BAT-01 is for Edge1. VIN port will support only power in, there is no current supplied in reverse for charging, only voltage in.

Only VIN support power in, GPIO header not support power, its only for gpio accessories, tone board.

Could you please give the specs of this external power socket? On the hardware documentation it is labeled as #1 VIN 9-20V. Which type of socket is it? I mean type/brand etc… I couldn’t find in the manual. I also want to power the board using lithium batteries. I will build a 12V battery pack with cell balancer. There are 4 pins on the socket. 2 of them are battery positive and negative. What are the rest 2 pins for? Powering the device from type-C port is ok but I want to use the type-C port for OTG.
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Thansk, please update the shop as the battery pack is sold as good also for vim4

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I’m using the board to board connector and I cut in half, they are 2 for + and 2 for - to increase the current. I successfully powered up the vim4 with camera and 5 modem, Power Is about 0.6amp at 13.4 V.

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Where do you obtain this information ? It’s listed as incompatible.

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