VIM4 and Tone1 No Audio Output Via SPDIF

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Ubuntu, Installed via OOWOW, Dec 29th, 5.15.119

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Official Images

Please describe your issue below:

Unable to get any audio output via SPDIF on the tone board.

Toneboard shows up under aplay devices with no issue. RCA output works without issue.

No output on the SPDIF out port.

Post a console log of your issue below:

One thing I noticed reading the documentation is that SPDIF output comes directly from the 40 pin header. When I am listing out output devices, it is showing that also output is connected to the board via usb audio. What are my next steps to troubleshoot?

Hello @zer0stars

For Ubuntu to enable SPDIF, you need to modify the device tree overlays

and add spdifout to enable SPDIF.