VIM4/4N Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.15 resets

I’ve observed a few instances of complete device resets, potentially kernel panics, when using the desktop test image. This coincided with using the chromium-browser navigation of the khadas github page.

Please let me know if you would like any specific logs, or files if it happens again

Hi @davidharding, Can you provide logs from the Linux uart console log ?

If your device is connected to the internet, and you notice any sorts of glitching or kernel panics,
try running dmesg | nc 9999 on the command, it will provide a link which we can use to read the logs.


you can see the application logs when you launch the application from the command line instead of clicking the desktop icon and running, you can share those as well, as logs, screenshots or pictures.


I will provide logs if it happens again

It happened again, when exercising the NPU
As requested I have triggered the logs upload
This is happening several times a day, so easily reproducible

Was this done just after noticing the issue or after rebooting ?
If the device reboots after the issue, then the provided method of using the command will not work for capturing logs, it requires the use of the serial debugging tool.


Ok, this was taken after the reboot.
Is there a way to share files via the forum posts, there only appears to be an upload option for images/pictures

If you have text files you can share them with pastebin, for other files any other file sharing service can work like mediafire, Google drive public link etc.

The latest trace should be available at

Okay we will try to resolve this issue, does this happens whenever using the NPU based examples ?

Hello @davidharding

Thanks for your feedback, can you tell us how to reproduce this issue ?

Generally I can get it to reboot within 15 minutes of light usage.
It most reliably crashes when running a program almost carbon copied from the face_recognition demo npu demo.
So I would expect you to be able to reproduce using the face_recognition_cap demo

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I have narrowed this down further, I believe the problem related to network activity,
Exercising the npu alone doesn’t reproduce the issue

Steps that appear to make it quickly reproducible
(1) Fresh install of the Ubuntu 5.15 Desktop Image
(2) apt update and apt upgrade
(3) apt install chromium-browser
(4) download the vim4_npu_application demos from github
(5) build the face_recognition demo
(6) script repeated runs of the demo, such as


while [ $counter -le 1000000000 ]
echo $counter
sudo ./face_recognition -M …/data/model/retinaface_int8.adla -m …/data/model/facenet_int8.adla -p …/data/img/lin_1.jpg

echo All done

(7) run chromium-browser
(8) visit
(9) execute the speedtest

Repeat steps (6)-(9) if necessary, but I rarely get to step (9) before the VIM resets

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I have also reproduced on a second device to eliminate a hardware fault

Hello @davidharding

Thanks for your feedback, we will check this issue on our side.

Any update?
Have you been able to reproduce the issue?
Is there a potential work around, or simple fix I could apply to the existing image?

Hello @davidharding

Yes, we have reproduce this issue on our side, we are working on it, but still have no solution at this moment yet, we will update you when we make progress.

Hello @davidharding

Can you try to upgrade the kernel and check whether this issue is fixed?

sudo dpkg -i linux-dtb-amlogic-5.15_1.5.2_arm64.deb linux-image-amlogic-5.15_1.5.2_arm64.deb
sudo reboot

@numbqq I can confirm, I can no longer reproduce the issue when the patches are applied

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