VIM3L wiringPi wiringPiSetup


I have installed wiringPi package.
I was able to make Pin High and low through
sudo gpio mode 3 out.
sudo gpio write 3 1

I was trying to run a basic program to make Pin 3 High and low i python, I get following error,
“Oops: Unable to determine board revision from /proc/cpuinfo
-> No “Revision” line”

Kindly suggest some solution to this.

@ydwkhadas VIM3L is not in the support list, if you need to use it on VIM3L, you can modify the source code

const char *piModelNames [16] = {

@ydwkhadas I have already supported VIM3L, if you need to use it now, first get the latest code from my code repository.

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wiring pi not working or installing latest image using oowoo to support ts050, new mx2 nvme shield i can’t download says dragon URL is down? didn’t shout of the box either