VIM3L/VIM3: Youtube video lagging in firefox and chromium browser due to CPU usage is so High

Hi Khadas team,

We are getting video fame missing and lagging issues while playing youtube videos in firefox and chromium-browser. We have used VIM3L and VIM3 Pro on which Ubuntu (4.9 Linux kernel) was installed.

Kindly note: While playing youtube videos in firefox and chromium-browser the CPU usage is quite high around more than 80% and the load average increases up to 11. We are suspecting this is the primary root cause for video lagging. We are also assuming that the browser uses a software decoder instead of hardware decoder and due to that the CPU usage is high. Please confirm it and let us know how we can configure a browser to use a hardware decoder.

This is a blocker issue for us and our judgment totally depends on this issue resolution. So your early feedback would be highly appreciable.

We have also observed that increasing the video resolution increase the lagging and CPU usage. Currently, our goal is to play the 1080p 30 FPS live stream smoothly on Khadas.

Do let us know if you want more details.

You can use mainline kernel, that runs 1080p30 just fine. Even plays 1080p60 with rare stutters and cpu remains near 20ish percemtages… But just for information, I use manjaro arm on vim3 with mainline kernel and Wayland plasma session. Maybe you need to have Ubuntu with 4.x kernel, in which case my advise is useless maybe.

Hi, @Yasir_Javed,
Thanks for your answers.
Actually, We are developing a WEB RTC based video call application, and for that, we are evaluating the Khadas VIM3L board with 4.9 kernels Ubuntu 20.04.

The application works well on desktop machines but we are getting video lagging on Khadas VIM3L.
There is no restriction for Ubuntu usage we are open to use any other OS but it must be stable and support a hardware decoder in the browser.

Please Advise Which OS we can use for this application for Khadas VIM3L

Can you use mainline 5.1x series kernels? If yes, then install manjaro plasma and use its Wayland session which has amazing graphical performance and runs 1080p30 smoothly on chromium as well as Firefox

Hi @Yasir_Javed

Thanks for your response, and we got a better result with your suggestion.
But again the CPU usage is around 60% only for this browser-based WebRTC application.

As Khadas provide hardware encoder and decoder APIs for Ubuntu, do you have any suggestion on how we can utilize this hardware encoder and decoder APIs in our browser-based WebRTC application?

Any plan for support of hardware encoder and decoder in Manajaro linux?