VIM3L Video Displays Green Screen in Portrait Mode

I just received and setup the VIM3L kit unit and was loading various videos.

When I went to view the videos, I discovered that the ones recorded in landscape mode displayed correctly. However, when I attempted to view one of the videos in portrait mode, all I saw was a green screen. Apparently, the software had not been tested using different display modes.

The same video displays correctly on a ROKU commercial player using the same USB stick containing the videos.

I attempted to attach a sample of the portrait video (mp4) that will not display on my VIM3L kit unit but can be viewed everywhere else, however, you do not allow me to upload files of that type.

I hope someone can address this issue.

@mike54 you can upload your video to YouTube, and set it as unlisted, then attach it as a link to your post. I’ve since flagged your post for attention, so someone should take a look at it soon.

Sample Portrait Video

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The video was uploaded to YouTube as requested. It plays correctly there… but just green screen on my VIM3L kit. Guess someone did not test video in that format before releasing it…

Waiting for a response as to what steps to take next before requesting RMA on this.

Oh, my bad, my instructions were unclear. Would you like us to test the video for you? (If so maybe uploading the actual file would be important, along with steps on how to reproduce the bug you encountered)

You can use a service like, or to send the actual file.

Yes, of course. Please verify that you are seeing the same thing that I am.

The steps to create the bug I encountered are simple: Play the video using the included video player in the VIM3L kit.

I did upload the actual file to YouTube. You should be able to download it from there. No conversion took place as far as I know. The uploaded file displays correctly on YouTube, on my PC and on my laptop. It only displays a green screen when I attempt to play it using the software app on the VIM3L kit.

What else do you need to confirm this as an actual bug that needs to be fixed. Although I did not mention it earlier. I encounter the same bug on EVERY file that I have that attempts to display a video in a portrait view.

Michael Bartosh

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