VIM3L USBs is not working

I Have Vim3L, but no USBs work. I have tried with Flashdrive, air mouse, keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth usb, but not working at all. I also reflash via USB-C with USB_Burning tool. The firmware that I have tried :

  1. VIM3L_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20190917.7z
  2. VIM3L_Pie_V191011.7z
  3. VIM3L_Pie_V191130.7z
  4. VIM3L_Pie_V200103.7z

Then I measure the voltage of both USB. It has 4,84VDC. When I plug my android usb, it charging at first and then stopped. I also measure my charging voltage, i got 5,05VDC.
I have 2 charger, here the spec ::

  1. 5V=2,5A / 9V=2A / 12V=1,5A
  2. 3,6-6,5V=3A / 9V=2A / 12V=1,5A (Qualcomm 3.0)

HDMI port works well.

I never use external power for USB, even though it will work, it shouldn’t be the answer I looking for.

Because I don’t have any peripheral working, so I can’t provided any log. Still I can give you any photos upon request

Please give me an answer. I got this board today after 1 month waiting from AliExpress. Thanks…

Hi Furasesa:
What kind of USB device you used?

Have you try with more different USB devices?


I have tried with Air Mouse, Flash drive 3.0, wired mouse, USB bluetooth 4.0, wired keyboard, just like I said before. All these led’s devices aren’t on.
From AliExpress seller ask me about the cable. I have 2 type-C cable, all are good, I used it for flashing.

Hi mr Gouwa,

It’s been a long time I tried vim3L again. No device works but external harddrive. I also tried with external USB Powered and USB tester to know my device voltage and current draw. I found out since I used Android v200103. Are there any other ideas that I might be able to try?


You mean that the HDD works but other USB devices not, right?

Can you post a photo to show the connection between the USB device and the VIM3L.

Now only your USB hard drive works for you, or does nothing work at all? If nothing works at all, then it seems to me that you have wasted your time with the seller with aliexpress in vain. Most likely this is a hardware failure. And OS firmware will not help here.

It seems to me that Khadas has a low percentage of defective boards, often the user himself can not figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

but i don’t blame anyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I agree with you. Perhaps this man himself “burned” him. But it is also possible that the goods were returned to the seller, he connected it to the power supply, saw that the OS had booted and put it back in the box for sale. And Furasesa got a “return device.”

if it was a Khadas official store, then I won’t believe it!

Hello! Can you flash your device through Krescue? perhaps the USB Burning Tool is to blame

Ну может в официальном магазине также проверили на работоспособность и все. Человек, к примеру получил плату на почте, принес домой, спалил и отправил обратно в этот же день. На али Free Return для нее. А магазин посмотрел что он ей почти не пользовался, включил. Он загрузился, внешний осмотр и обратно на продажу.
Это один из вариантов. Конечно, этот человек тоже мог спалить его, но видишь не говорит)))) Не полная информация о проблеме- не полная информация о решении.
И мне кажется прошивкой тут не поможешь никак. Может MCU, если там какие то настройки хранятся.

Да эти платы неубиваемые :grin:

Hi mr. Gouwa,
Today I Know something, I was wrong if I says that only my external HDD worked. Exactly only Usb 3.0 works.


previously I thought if there was no USB device that works because HDD requires a lot of current. After uploading some videos, apparently only USB 3.0 works. Please don’t say like that :laughing:, because it seems hard to develop a hardware.

I’ll try Krescue soon and report it.

Hi Furasesa,
Are both usb1 and USB2 inoperative? or just USB2 can not work for USB2.0?

could you help to take a high definition photos to show here:
Top side:

Bottom side:


Hi Kenny,
Yes, I’ll give you soon.


Hi Kenny

Both USB can not work for USB2.0

Here you are
Top side:

More detail:

And Bottom Side:

More detail:

Hi Furasesa
thanks for your help.
“Both USB can not work for USB2.0” that maybe relate the usb hub chip. can you sent the VIM3L back to us do a hardware check? not very sure the connection of that PIN is good or not from the picture, could you help me to check again:

so sorry to trouble you

Based on your post about USB number before:
USB1 D+ -> DP1 = 1,1~1,2 Ohm, also D- to DM1
USB2 D+ -> DP2 = 0,6 ohm, also D- to DM2
Even though I have inaccurate tester, the line directly connected for sure.
From USB tester about D+ voltage

The picture above, it shows voltage from D+ of My external HDD, others are almost the same. But I am not pretty sure it can help.


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