VIM3L USB touch screen problem

note the resolution, is different from the display!

Should this be compatible with VIM3L? USB Burn Tool get’s stuck at 2% (Download DDR)

sorry, this is vim3

That was the wrong firmware…
@Vladimir.v.v what have you done ?! :upside_down_face:

you need to sync Android and your display anyway

And how do I do that? Is there any way to use custom resolution with VIM3L without building the rom?

we can ask @jasonl and see if he is working on custom resolution image for VIM3L…

In the mean time, see if you can provide us a kernel log, of the usage display connected…
using serial debugging tool:

not everyone has this tool, buddy

I do, somewhere if I just can find it. Too much electrical junk :smiley:

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I think I asked politely to see if they have it :blush:

I found Arduino Uno which I can use as a usb-to-ttl. Any idea how to setup kermit on windows? Kermit script provided in docs doesn’t work as is and I’ve never used kermit before so I can’t translate it.

No problem, that is what I also use with my device…

You can use Putty instead, or use the serial console on the Arduino IDE…

Just make sure the Baud rate is 115200 b/s

It seems my Uno has hoodloader2 burned on it. I did it over 6 years ago and my software isn’t up to date with that. Maybe I’ll have time to figure it out some other day. Thanks guys anyways and let’s hope jasonl is indeed working on that rom you talked about.

All the best! follow the Khadas forum to stay up to date! :blush:

@l0his Maybe @Terry can help you with this .

We are debugging HDMI Vesa resolution, and you need to wait for it.


Hi again!

I finally had the time to configure my Arduino IDE to work with Hoodloader2. Here’s the requested kernel log.

Hope it helps!

Hey! Is there support for 8.8-inch 1920x480 displays?

In fact, only the display from Khadas is supported

@Alekssandr that resolution is not supported, only standard vesa resolutions work for now…