VIM3L USB touch screen problem


I recently bought 7" touch screen display with resolution of 1024x600 (60Hz). Touch works fine with raspberry running raspbian and also on windows, but not on vim3l running latest android.
Link to screen

Albeit something is happening when I touch it. If I have my mouse connected I can see that the cursor disappears immediatly after pressing the screen.

Any tips how to proceed?


Please note that the touch panel is kind of like a mouse, so when you connect both the touch and mouse it is like connecting 2 mouse to a computer…

It will cause errors, but the device will prefer to use the Touch device,

simple disconnect the touch panel when not in use…
or disconnect mouse, if you need touchscreen…

Touch panel doesn’t work when mouse is disconnected.

there is probably a compatibility issue, try to connect another mouse, how will it be?

Even if I disconnect all peripherals except the touch panel it doesn’t work, so I don’t see a point in trying another mouse.

Android and display work in sync?

Yes, no problems with the display itself.

I want to say Android you have in the same resolution with the frequency as the display is exposed?
look in android / display settings

Try hot plugging the touch-panel with everything else disconnected…

1080p60Hz, I can’t see any resolution settings tho.

No help.

note the resolution, is different from the display!

Should this be compatible with VIM3L? USB Burn Tool get’s stuck at 2% (Download DDR)

sorry, this is vim3

That was the wrong firmware…
@Vladimir.v.v what have you done ?! :upside_down_face:

you need to sync Android and your display anyway

And how do I do that? Is there any way to use custom resolution with VIM3L without building the rom?

we can ask @jasonl and see if he is working on custom resolution image for VIM3L…

In the mean time, see if you can provide us a kernel log, of the usage display connected…
using serial debugging tool:

not everyone has this tool, buddy

I do, somewhere if I just can find it. Too much electrical junk :smiley:

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I think I asked politely to see if they have it :blush: