Vim3L Ubuntu no 4K

last night l downloaded the Vim3L emmc image, connected the windows pc and burnt the image to the Vim3 L emmc via usb c, it loaded and worked, it does not support 4k and the Kodi app is very glitchy any help please

Do you have a problem with video subsystem on kodi? After 2-5 min my vim3l show nothing on screen, but kodi still working. When i restart kodi its ok, but after 2-5 min it happens again. I have this bug with coreelec too. After install nightly update (kodi 18.5) for coreelec this bug is gone. used kodi 18.2 on ubuntu and 18.2 on coreelec. Can anyone build kodi 18.5 deb package for fenix script?

the first thing is it won’t go up to 4k on the menu in Ubuntu and it won’t play videos in 4k, when you start Kodi it has script running up and down it, it also freezes. Coreelec works fine as a stand alone OS