VIM3L + Toneboard - volume output

I have VIM3L and Tone 1 tone board
I am running an Android audio app
The overall volume coming out of the system is at about 20%.

I have tried setting the output volume to max, within the app, but this does not work
(it works if I run the app on an Android tablet)

I tried setting the volume and media outputs to maximum, in the Android settings, but these settings did not seem to be saved on the next system re-boot.

Is there a way to do this please?


Here are some more observations:

Here are my observations:

Scenario 1

App incudes Java code to set media volume to 100%

Install the app and launch – volume is at 100%

Close the ap, relaunch – volume is still at 100%

Restart the device, launch the app – volume is at 20%

Scenario 2

Restart the device, touch the volume controls on the touchscreen

A warning is displayed:

Raise volume above recommended level?

Listening at high volume for long periods may damage your hearing.


Without clicking on anything, launch the app – the volume is at 100%

It seems that the very fact that this warning was displayed, allows the app to set the volume to 100%

Scenario 3

Restart the device, launch the app – volume is at 20%

Play the first track.

When the track ends, and the second track is started, the volume goes to 100%

I have also seen this post, but modifying the OS is not an option for me.

Hi - can anyone suggest anything please?

Please respond, this is super important

Hi @gar1234 the customizations you request cannot be done without OS modifications, and you need to modify them in the source code and compile, there are no other suitable options.

Do you know where/what modifications are to be made - I will try and get someone to do it

@xiong.zhang can you provide the patch for this ?

Thank you - this is really appreciated. I have people in Australia trying to ship product the product today - it is nearly time for them to go home. I have someone in the UK who might be able to modify the OS. He will start work very soon. It’s a tight overlap. So if you can get me the required modifications quickly, it might work out.

Set the config_safe_media_volume_enabled property to false

xiong@server:/users/xiong/work/amlogic/vim3/vim3_64bit/frameworks/base$ git diff
diff --git a/core/res/res/values/config.xml b/core/res/res/values/config.xml
index 0b5dd7e70e8..985cce4bad2 100644
--- a/core/res/res/values/config.xml
+++ b/core/res/res/values/config.xml
@@ -2325,7 +2325,7 @@
     <bool name="config_useDevInputEventForAudioJack">false</bool>
     <!-- Whether safe headphone volume is enabled or not (country specific). -->
-    <bool name="config_safe_media_volume_enabled">true</bool>
+    <bool name="config_safe_media_volume_enabled">false</bool>
     <!-- Set to true if the wifi display supports compositing content stored
          in gralloc protected buffers.  For this to be true, there must exist

Thank you - I got someone to implement this