VIM3L + Toneboard case

I’m about to order a VIM3L (second one, got one for CoreELEC) and the toneboard.
Since those two can be used together using the GPIO connector I don’t want two cases.
But it seems all I can find are separate cases for each, not a combined one.

Is there even a case that I have missed?

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Hello ! yes, you can see and order everything you need in the official Khadas stores! Separately, I note that 11.11 on AliExpress there will be tremendous discounts and you can profitably purchase everything you need! Also note that many Khadas users create their own models for their boards.

I think you’re misunderstanding me? There is no case that can hold both the VIM(3L) and the toneboard.
Only separate cases. Meaning I would have to use a USB cable to connect them.

This is why I am asking if there is such a case to house both boards.

I understood you very well, you can buy an additional design and pair with the main case from Khadas!
how do you like this sample?

@weust there is no specific case for a VIM + Toneboard, but some users just add the Tone board on top with some additional spacers from the HTPC fasteners kit :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s a classic!:wink:

@Vladimir.v.v That is a nice looking case. I saw that one.
@Electr1 I saw some examples of that too.

You both have to admit it is weird that Khadas promoted a Toneboard for the VIM (not the generic one) to be stacked on top of the VIM but there is no case to house both boards without doing a Frankenstein setup :wink:

Let me tell you a secret, this is the uniqueness of Khadas, in fact, you are here as a free artist, you can do what you like, and this is what makes Khadas different from many others!

If I owned a 3D printer I would create my own case…


Hello, Yes there is no turnkey solution. However, as previously stated, DIY options abound. I used two DIY cases, not a bad looker and provides good protection.

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I will be ordering the Khadas case since it’s easier through Aliexpress (on the 11th with discounts).
And the HTPC standoffs. Will figure something out later to make it closed.