VIM3L support Oreo or Nougat

How can i install older version of android on VIM3L ,and how add password after bootanimation to launch the android OS.

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@MIMalik welcome,
VIM3L only supported by Android Pie 9.0 and above.

there is no Password protection functions available, but maybe it can be implemented when building the firmware from source.

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@Electr1 thank you for the reply.

Can you please guide me, how to build firmware from source. Any tutorial or guidelines…

ref. to:

Khadas android building

AOSP build:

@Electr1 I am new in this field, doing this first time, i followed the instruction on Khadas website and upgrade the firmware on VIM3L but , i want to add this password feature before home screen launch.

@MIMalik I am sorry but my knowledge to help ends here,
You can ping Terry or Goenjoy to see if they have any other advice for you (put the “@” infront of their name)

I believe AOSP should have a dedicated lock screen feature, but I have not tested it myself, best of luck to your project.

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Thank you @Electr1.
Hi… @Terry, @goenjoy, can you guide me on this topic?

Why did you want to use the password lock? This is very unfriendly for ir remote control

Yes @Terry , i knew that, just want to add 4 digit numeric password , When TV turn “on” and black screen no indication for password , when 4 digit password enter from IR remote , TV will be turn “ON”.
i have customized tool ( like AMlogic customization tool) to do this but that support only Oreo and VIM3L not support oreo told by @Electr1 . If i can manged to install Oreo on Vim3l , all my problems solved easily

Why did you want to use customization tool? Only add some application on it?
Maybe you install the application with add command.

@Terry, because want to create customized boot-animation, wallpaper and one time password after boot-animation.

The application i have doing this but that not support the Android Pie. Is it possible if i remove the Android Pie from VIM3L and install the OREO using USB drive.