VIM3L Start problems


I just received today my VIM3L (HTPC Kit). I plugged all wires in but no screen shows up. The white LED lights only up. There should be Coreelec pre-installed.

How can I access the HTPC?

Can anyone help?


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I just figured out, that after putting my Libreelc SD-Card from my PI3B+ into the VIM3L, Coreelec boots but with my Libreelec Image.

Something is totaly wrong. The Coreelc should be pre-installed on eMMC but doesn’t boot. It boots now from my SD-Card the Libreelec OS but shows the Coreelec Logo.

If I put out the SD-Card nothing boots and I have a black screen.

Hi @damianar1984
The VIM3L HTPC Kit is pre-installed with CoreELEC image on eMMC and the image is built by CoreELEC team officially(only a few users asked for Android pre-installed with HTPC Kit).

Do you meant that your VIM3L can only boot with a uSD card inserted, right?

You can also follow the instructions below to upgrade the CoreELEC image if cannot figure out the problem :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles.

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After removing the uSD and restarting the Kit coreelec boots correctly. The topic can be closed. Thank you anyway for your assistance.

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