VIM3L - release notes for 5.14 kernel versions


Can someone help me with release notes for kernel versions for VIM3L, I am intend to know about 5.14 release and 4.xx versions(for comparison), any related documents/pdf or any link would be very helpful.


@Chirag Do you understand the purpose of this? There is a huge gap between 4.x and 5.x kernels. The 4.x kernel supports more accessories and is more stable, but the 5.x kernel has an updated API. At the same time, the kernel of 5.x is basically a standard API framework. I think it mainly depends on your purpose

Hay, thank you @Frank . I think I got some ideas now, for stable version I should stick with 4.9 as suggested on your site. I am a kind of beginner in this development, I am about to start some development and was confused regarding 4.9v and 5.14 versions of kernel.(which to choose for long term support and available features) but do we have any documents or any text information regarding release notes for 4.9 for VIM3L. - just to have some ideas on the limitations and verifications before I choose kernel version.

Thank you.

The upstream kernel (and u-boot) are well supported and much cleaner to work in than Amlogic vendor sources. However the upstream kernel is not as full featured. You should evaluate the two options based on what YOUR use-case is, not what the preference and opinions of others is.

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Hay @chewitt , I got some ideas now, and cleared the direction.
Thank you very much for your help.