Vim3l not booting

Hey, when trying to boot up my vim3l board through the sd card it would boot in to the emmc which was coreelec after a while I was able to download krescue and use that but I deleted the emmc data so now there is no white led on my board and I cant boot into anything.

Any fixes

@J_Lester You should still be able to boot krescue from an external disk.

If that is not possible, consider flashing the device with the original android firmware by following the guide for USB Burning:

Hi Electr1 when I try to burn android on my vim3l it gives me an error saying, (parse burning error) do you know if the issue is the version im using or something else. Version im using is v2.2.0

Please decompress the .xz file to .img file and try again.

What software should I use to decompress the file

Hello @J_Lester

You can choose 7-zip.

numbqq when I try to burn android on my board its giving me a new error, Romcode/Intialize DDR/Read intialize status/Error.

DO you know how to fix it?

@numbqq would you know how to fix this issue

Hello @J_Lester

Please try this image: