Vim3L noob questions

Amazing! Thank you. Getting rid of the external converter should give me more space and extra battery time :smile:

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Tell me where to find at least one firmware on VIM3L with working voice search? With a working awakening through a remote control? None of the firmware on the android works fine :(… bugs and microfreezes are tired of it already (I tried to install a media VLС player from the official app, it doesn’t play the video at all :(… does everyone like everything? Or doesn’t anyone use Vim3L as TV box?

as far as I know, the native Khadas remote does not have such a “voice” mode, but on the Internet you can find instructions for third-party remote controls, many do it, including me :slightly_smiling_face:

what prevents you from trying other players?

but still I recommended you CoreElec, which you didn’t like so much, I have it on vim2 pro and really liked it!

You are “Bubble - tehnozone” (I subscribed to your YouTube channel and therefore chose Khadas)? I remember, you recommended installing chrome and setting up voice control through a browser. I just don’t understand why I need to look for tricks if the developer has to fix such bugs. The developer very poorly supports the Vim3L model, I am not very happy with this (I should not have taken it, since I am essentially a beta tester for my own money :)).

mxplayer (use it).

no thanks, i already used СoreЕleс (with additions, this system starts to slow down, microfreezes are already tired … it is very slowly performing tasks. My android box is 5 years old and it works faster :)).

no, I’m not that Vladimir, I’m different :grin:

don’t worry, maybe you wanted to buy vim3 pro (4/32)? Now it’s just on vim3, CoreElec (nightly build), which is probably why there are problems. At the moment you have the newest processor from Khadas, and it takes time to debug!

Did you try superceleron’s ROMs?
Pie Normal.
Pie ATV.

yes, they already know…

First of all which mic are you using? Android is built on top of linux and linux tipically works very well with usb peripherals so i would give it a one of those a try, second, if it is work without defects (try recording your voice and replaying to yourself), you can always try to launch bash comands with an opensource voice library like julius, or scripts with actiona.

I’m currently using Android TV (superceleron’s logo is indicated at boot :). The image is listed as
VIM3L.Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023.SC.emmc.kresq, set through the Krescue installer. Without the installer from Krescue, I could not install any other image on Vim3L :frowning: ).

I have 3 remote controls with a built-in microphone :slight_smile: and not one works with VIM3L. By the way, the problem is not only mine. Here in this review (it is in Russian) it is indicated that VIM3L is droped (video 4k 60 fps in youtube does not reproduce) and the microphone does not work either (firmware is not like my Android TV, but - android).

I also had questions at first, but I realized the guys are doing what they can, plus new processors, etc. , so I left this idea to ask for some things that, in my opinion, have a place to be for a " tv-box ", as a result, I have to decide some moments on my own :upside_down_face:

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I’m not sure how far into Development images you used ?
I use the Vim3 and Vim3L via SD Card and SC ATV roms Internal.
Both work Extremely well with both OS’s.

Nightlies 18th February CE is extremely usable for both Vims.
We reverted some commits on 13th Feb Nightly which fixed H264 Decoder
Not sure if you report issues on CE forum ?
It’s imperative to report issues on your Vim3L using Nightlies or your issues may not be solved when a stable release is done for the Vim3L.
PS Not sure what you mean by additions ?

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about one month (maybe more).

What version of ATV are you using (v1 or v2)?

I asked about the problem of SuperCleron, he said that everything works fine :), and for me or another guy in the video, the link (that is, the case is not unique) does not work. And I hope to solve this problem by updating ATV to version # 2, but I can’t do it yet (ATV rom # 1 blocks the boot image from SD card).

filmix, torrent service…

It would certainly be more interesting to see 3/32;4/32, since 2/16 seems to me not enough, otherwise I like vim3L in terms of characteristics! :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe someday there will be vim3L pro :wink:


You’ve got to stay with the nightlies. The Updates come down automatically via CE servers.
A lot has happened in one month. Over 25 Updates.

No idea about that.
If it’s a dubious copyright infringement service you won’t get help on the CE forum.

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Thanks, but this is android Pie (not android TV).

I understand that, but I just can’t upgrade (there’s no such simple procedure as on the Vim3 device).

I understand this and I am not counting on support CE forum :slight_smile:

As owner, I do not recommend, there are a lot of problems with device (even the way to install a new ROM, not the same as the previous one… every time, something changes and every time you have to look for an answer on the forum). On the contrary, I regret that I did not take vim3, well, or some H96 Max X3 at a price 2 times cheaper (but with 4/64).

you for what purpose use?

use device how android box.

for multimedia exclusively?