Vim3L New Linux OS's to be available when?

Im always interested in exploring graphic programming on new systems, however I don’t like using Android, But it seems at the moment there just are no downloadable Linux systems I can flash the new board with so am stuck with its onboard Android? Any idea when any kind of Linux will be availble for download, and what is the status of graphic drivers for the G31 GPU?

Linux will be available easily but the GPU for video work like playback and rendering wont be possible yet. As HW Acc is still as work in progress and also bifrost is not yet supported under panfrost, So dont get your hopes high.

You can do thing with fbturbo drivers which is software acceleration.

That is dissapointing, but not entierly surprising. A lot of makers promote their boards with a long list of features, especially the GPU, but they are simply not operational and may never be. The Vim 2 still has no GPU drivers!!. Its a source of great frustration for me, as I am an OpenGL/ES coder and I want to use the GPU fully and have access to it. Giving me an OpenGLES3.2 GPU but then not giving me any way to actually use it, its just false advertising really.

Its quite pointless to me to tell me a new SBC has xyz GPU because it can never be used. Its really not just Khadas, almost every other maker does the same; promote a board with awesome on board features that simply are not accessable to normal users.

Its time that this false advertising was stopped. Its really great that Khadas makes boards, with amazing features…but it you dont’ actually provide the ability to use the features its not reasonable and the goods are not fit for purpose.

Have you found any boards that have supported gpus or ai accelerators or provide full drivers with libraries?