VIM3L Manjaro i3 Edition

I mostly use Manjaro XFCE as my daily desktop for development but switch to Ubuntu/Debian for packaging and testing internal apps.

After since I discovered Manjaro i3 edition, I am becoming a big fan of Manjaro i3 edition. Special thanks to @Spikerguy for all his efforts in adding the VIM3 to arm-profile.

Intent is to document here (in case I loose my sticky notes) since there is no VIM3L arm-profile yet.

Goal: Boot Manjaro i3 edition from VIM3L microSD with Android Pie installed to eMMC.

Using Manjaro Desktop. At the time of writing the VIM3 device profile is using package “linux-vim” which is good otherwise there would have been extra manual steps.

  1. $ pamac install manjaro-arm-installer
  2. Insert a card reader with microSD to your Desktop
  3. $sudo manjaro-arm-installer
    Go through the steps to select the VIM3, i3 edition, microSD drive …
    Wait for the installation to complete.

We are not done yet. If you start the VIM3L without the following changes, the VIM3L will boot loop.

  1. Compile the mainline u-boot using fenix for VIM3L.
    And this is IMPORTANT,
    Copy the u-boot.bin from fenix/build/u-boot-mainline-v2021.01/ and NOT from fenix/build/u-boot-mainline-v2021.01/fip/ to the microSD boot partition(“BOOT_MNJRO”).
    Or You can download the pre-compiled u-boot from here khadas-no-fip-uboot.tar.gz (will expire after 30 days). Copy u-boot.vim3l.nofips.bin to the microSD boot partition(“BOOT_MNJRO”) and rename the file to u-boot.bin
  2. Replace the content of boot.ini in the boot partition(“BOOT_MNJRO”) of the microSD card with this


if fatload mmc 0:1 0x1000000 u-boot.bin; then go 0x1000000; fi;

  1. In the microSD boot partition(“BOOT_MNJRO”), change FDT in /extlinux/extlinux.conf to this

FDT /dtbs/amlogic/meson-sm1-khadas-vim3l.dtb

  1. Wifi Fix - In you root partition(“ROOT_MNJRO”) of microSD
    cd /usr/lib/firmware/brcm/
    $ sudo ln -s nvram_ap6398s.txt brcmfmac4359-sdio.khadas,vim3l.txt

Now you are ready to boot the VIM3L with Manjaro i3 edition.


Thank you for the guide, I have been thinking of giving some love. To Vim3l since g31 support is quite stable in panfrost.

Good to see someone enjoying I3 though. Ive tried it once but stopped using it as its a complete new workflow but I have always liked the idea is controlling everything from the keyboard.

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