VIM3L I2C and GPIO access

I think the VIM3L exposes some i2c pins on its 40-pin connector – although I don’t know which pins these are.
Is it possible to access the / use the I2C from within an Android app?
And also, for the other GPIO, is it possible to access the input states, and modify the output states, from within an Android app?

You can refer to the GPIO header details here: VIM3/3L Interfaces [Khadas Docs]

Please check out:


Thank you for the response.

When I look at the document, the first command issued, when using I2C 3, is:

i2cdetect -y -r 3\

I don’t understand what I am looking at here.
I have an Android app, written in Java, which will run on the VIM3L.
And from within that app, I want to write some code to access the I2C.

@gar1234 there are two different methods prescribed in the document.

using the direct i2c manupulation commands
such as:

i2cdetect -y -r 3

is for use from the ADB console.

There is also the khadasapi java libraries to access i2c from the java application itself.