VIM3L HW accelerated Mali G31 on official Ubuntu desktop possible?

I’m trying to purchase an extra affordable SBC arm64 board mainly for desktop use as: browsing, excel spreadsheets, VNC remote access to work, watching youtube videos(1080p max), playing streaming services as netflix and prime and playing some VLC content for mp4 files at 1080p max without having to rely on Kodi(coreelec). I just want to know if there has been any development regarding HW acceleration on Mali G31 GPU for running any regular linux distro as ubuntu 20.04LTS 32 or 64 bit or others?

Mainline kernel driver development for the Mali-Gxx series is slowly progressing via the Panfrost driver. You may have to use a different distro, however, as the newer support may not be backported to the LTS kernel used by Ubuntu.

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Gpu acceleration will not help with video playback as arm soc have VPU for video acceleration and video acceleration is still in wip for linux kernel,
But with software acceleration you should be able to watch 1080p without any problem.

Vim3L is quite powerful enough to do all that you’re looking for.
You should go for it.


Yes it is a powerful enough to do all that, but as @Spikerguy said, it uses special hardware for video playback, so GPU is not used there, The Mali G31 is only used for the main rendering of frames in graphical applications.

Good day !

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