VIM3L HTPC Kit recommended PSU for use without hardware addons ?!

Hi all,

ATM i use SAMSUNG 5V/1A or 5V/2A and KRescue CE (eMMC) + built Ubuntu (SD) are working well BUT i already mentioned here and there that i have small issues : blue LED gone + u-boot logo gone too ! Some OOWOW scripts are failing for me (latest version) AND today i flashed manually SPI with latest u-boot (0.17.2) according to this reference guide. The process went OK. At reboot, new u-boot does complain about board voltage : “card did not respond to voltage select !” AND bootloops …

IMO, all my issues are PSU related … right no ? Anyway , i set back bootmode to eMMC (i skipped the eMMC boot erase command from the guide) AND everything works normally with KRescue CE u-boot (internal) and Ubuntu u-boot (external).

I can provide logs of course …

Also, i tried another SAMSUNG PSU (more powerful) AND the board refuses to boot with it (white LED glowing slowly).

I think i will buy one from the shop but which one is recommended for my ‘basic’ usage please ? @Electr1 already told me that 10W was sufficient so why does SPI u-boot complains about voltage ?!

Thanks for your help,



A quick message to let you know that my u-boot issues were PSU related because i bought one from online shop and everything works well now.