VIM3L CoreSight top-level ROM address

I’m trying to discover CoreSight topology on VIM3L board, but I was not able to find any information regarding top-level ROM address. S905D3 datasheet [1] states that CoreSight is supported, but I was not able to figure out any information about CoreSight topology from that document.
Does anyone tried to discover the CoreSight topology? Maybe there is some other document describing that subsystem on VIM3L board?


@Filipp_Zhinkin you can find some information under souurce code directory

@jasonl thanks for suggestion. Unfortunately, kernel’s documentation (as well as device tree files) does not contain information about CoreSight on VIM3L/S905D3.

I’ve read through S905D3 datasheet once again and found a53_dbg address (0xF5800000) in memory map section. Luckily, it is the CS ROM addr! :tada:

Thanks everyone for help!