VIM3L - Compatibility with S905X3 firmware?

Hi everyone!
I was just doing some research on Amlogic chips and came around information that S905D3 used in VIM3L is basically the same as S905X3 with one significant difference that S905D3 supports HD DTT tuners. Since I do not need TV tuner support I have a question if VIM3L is compatible with S905X3 firmware?

@Terry @superceleron any hints?


Hello, the main difference is the artificial intelligence support of the S905D3/NPU1.2

Really? There was some controversial information 1- saying that AI coprocessor comes starting from 922D and 2 - that both S905X3 and S905D3 have AI support.

Damn, I really want to use my VIM3L but currently it doesn’t support the USB touchscreen I have, so I was looking for other temporary options till a new version of firmware is released

I’m not joking, you can see all the information in the specification for this processor, there is also Amlogic A311D also with artificial intelligence support, the usual Amlogic is called S922X

I think its easy to compile a firmware with usb touch screen support if thats what you need

as far as I understand, a fender90 needs an android

Well is same thing as the x3, and yes you can use the s905x3 fw on it, even the s905x2… both with the right changes!

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You are correct. I need an android rom which would support USB touchscreens. Neither of the existing firmwares works with my display. I noticed that this problem was reported frequently by different users with different display models, but there is no solution for the moment. Unfortunately I do not know how to compile an Android rom, so I guess I will have to wait and hope that the official rom will include the fixes in the updates.