VIM3L can support LPDDR4X?

I download the schematic of VIM3L, and the schematic shows that the VIM3L support LPDDR4X(VDDQ=0.6V). But I check the datasheet of S905D3/A311D, the datasheet show that the CPU S905D3/A311D only support 3200Mbps LPDDR4.

Which decription is right? Does VIM3L support 3200Mbps LPDDR4X(VDDQ=0.6V)?
We’d like to test LPDDR4X with VIM3L.

Yes, the VIM3/L support both LPDDR4 and 4X, and the devices we shipped out are all 4X at this time, but might will with 4 in the future if the 4X not available when we sourcing the compoents.

Just take a note that the LPDDR4X from a few vendors like SkHynix or Samsung support with both 0.6V & 1.1V VDDQ.


@Gouwa if I tell you when I bought my VIM3, would you tell me the type of DDR4 memory I have ?