VIM3L: booloader fail: DDR training error

Yes, I figured it out from the image + schematics, but the wiki is still pretty unclear.
Also, even with that short, it still doesn’t enter USB mode in the MASKROM.

I’m not entirely sure how I finally achieved a USB connection when testing mainline u-boot things on a VIM3 last week (and saw exactly the same issue when I built u-boot with the wrong FIP binaries) but I think I achieved this by holding the reset button, powering on the board, then releasing the reset button. I also find the white PSU that came with VIM3/VIM3L harder to connect to a board in a case than the older PSU from a VIM1/VIM2 (the connector isn’t as long) so I swapped PSU and cables. I’m not sure that had any impact tho! … in the end I randomly and repetedly pressed buttons and applied power until I got the “something connected” sound in a Win10 VM and I was able to reflash using the Amlogic burning tool.

yes write before about this

It seems to be kind of random. If I do multiple hard reboots, it will occasionally boot to u-boot and then into the rescue kernel

if krescue booted ones plz run next command from terminal

mmc_erase fast - this command remove all bootloaders from emmc

after what u can easy boot from sd

Now that I realized emmc is not completely erased, I was hoping to do that, but now it’s not really random anymore. It never tries to boots from SD.