VIM3L android source code

I have vim3 and vim3L
khadas homepage describe only VIM3 android source download.

Can I share VIM3 android source code with VIM3L?

I test vim3 binary in vim3L … not working…

VIM3 and VIM3L is the same SDK source code.

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Hello Terry
I compile VIM3 android source code. It is working welll in VIM3
but VIM3L not working…

is it really same… your code link separate VIM3 and VIM3L…
is this code working in VIM3L?

How did you build source code for VIM3L? Can you list the all steps for that?

I just compile same with VIM3…
following instruction… VIM3L is different? for example ./mk vim3l <-- like this?

Hi Guys,
Apologies if this isn’t the correct thread for this question, please feel free to move it to a more appropriate one.
Is there anybody that can tell me what configuration file is parsed by Android Pie, for it to recognise the IR remote control. I need this information so I can add the appropriate file and use the same mecool dvr IR remote in my Android setup as I’m using in my CoreELEC setup. Some have suggested different (USB) remotes that work, but I’m not interested in that, I’m trying to get my expensive, programmable IR remotes to work with Android (not replace them).
So far, I haven’t found anyone with the knowledge of what files are required to accomplish this :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, you are right :smiley:

What’s the device of you? VIM1 or VIM3/VIM3L?
You need to rebuild the kernel dts file

VIM3. From what I have been able to discover, the remote.conf needs to be in the etc folder in the recovery partition. My quest is now to find out how :thinking:
The remote that I need Android to recognise is a mecool kIII pro remote and I do have the remote.conf file, just finding capable tools to unpack/repack seems to be a bit of a headache :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the info Terry, sorted it out now :+1: