VIM3L Android Pie V200103 ROM Release

Here release VIM3L Android Pie ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM3L_Pie_V200103.7z
  • MD5SUM: 334dfaceff825efd5c5e22dd617b048f
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • add screen rotation menu for hdmi only
  • add bluetooth connect menu support
  • add status bar control menu support
  • add wifi hotpot menu support
  • add quectel EM06 4G module support
  • add logitech wifi k400 keyboard support
  • add OTA url for next update
  • fix usb microphone recording noise issue
  • fix wol menu issue
  • fix some display issues

Known Issues

  • No Gsensor support

Upgrade guidance:

Tips for CoreELEC users:

As the Android ROM and CoreELEC used different version U-Boot on VIM3, and you have to edit config.ini file to solve the green screen issue:


CoreELEC team will update the Linux kernel in the future, and you don’t need to edit it manually then.

Have fun!


Hello! Tone Board support???:yawning_face: Thanks!

The ROM support Tone Board. :smiley:

CoreELEC configurations addon has a setting to enable rgb to yuv
in nightlies.

Also to enable adjust refresh rate changes you can follow instructions in link below.
I’ve installed Magisk and AFDR using this rom and all works. :wink:

Just realised i have no 5G Wifi SSID showing up for connection.

Maybe VIM3L_Vendor_Buildprop is the problem ??

Cannot edit file due to root priveledges ??

I’m sorry to reply for you so late. You can refer to this post
I will fix it in next release rom.


give rights in the manager settings and edit.

Thanks @Vladimir.v.v @Terry
I’ve moved on since then to SC ATV for the Vim3L.

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