VIM3L-Android-9-32bit-V230720 ROM Release

Here release the Android 9.0 ROM, check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

Version(Latest): vim3l-android-9-32bit-v230720.img.xz Update List:

  • Camera: Fix the problem that the camera cannot be opened after the setting [Camera ir-cut] is turned on when using the IMX415 camera
  • Camera: add camera detection support
  • LCD: Fix the problem of abnormal display when restoring the factory when single-connected to TS101
  • EDID: add edid-decode support
  • TP: Modify the reset delay of ft5x06
  • TvSettings: Fix the display problem of the LED light setting. When the white light mode is selected, the red light mode changes along with it
  • NPU: update npu to

Version: vim3l-android-9-32bit-v230329.img.xz Update List:

  • Gsensor: Modify the default direction of Gsensor
  • camera: add khadas imx415 camera module support
  • camera: Compatible camera with both OS08A10 and IMX415
  • TP:Add GT9xx driver
  • Logo: Replace with VIM3L a new boot Logo
  • HDMI: update 2560x1600 resolution timimg parameter
  • HDMI: update 1024x600 resolution timimg parameter
  • Disk: Fix the problem that the TF card in the drop-down status bar of the original Setting, and the U disk browsing option cannot be clicked to jump
  • Disk: Remove the TF card in the original Setting status bar, the pop-up option of the U disk, and the pop-up function is in the Droid Setting
  • LCD:Add TS101 parameter
  • LCD: Add new TS050 parameter
  • LCD: Compatible with OLD_TS050, TS101, NEW_TS050
  • LCD: Solve the problem of not being able to boot when connected to HDMI and TS101 at the same time
  • LCD: When HDMI and TS101 are connected at the same time, set TS101 to HDMI to display the logo before TS101, otherwise HDMI will display a green screen when no signal is detected
  • LCD: Fix the abnormal display problem of TS101 connected to TS101 and HDMI at the same time to restore factory settings
  • Launcher: After modifying to lower than the default UI resolution, there is a problem that the horizontal and vertical screens cannot be switched
  • other: Revert “vim3_32bit:APP: Remove redundant DocumentsUI manager”

Version: vim3l-android-9-32bit-v221229.img.xz Update List:

  • Add hardware version VIM3_V14
  • Solve the problem of no KHADAS logo when booting with 2560x1440 resolution
  • Fix the error that CONFIG is written as GONFIG in kvim_a32_defconfig
  • Remove redundant DocumentsUI manager
  • Solve the stretching problem of vim3_32bit setting wallpaper and the probability that half of the wallpaper setting will be displayed as black
  • Force all APPs to display horizontally
  • Modify the width of the drop-down notification bar to fit the screen width
  • Solve the problem that the compilation API is too low
  • Two external USB cameras, click the switch camera button icon, can not switch to the second camera screen
  • Update the WiFi module of AP6398
  • Fix bluetooth remote control device pairing list is not fully displayed
  • Fix Gateway, Network prefix length, DNS1, DNS2 lost focus in Ethernet static IP settings and cannot pop up the soft keyboard
  • Add support for editing date and time with mouse
  • Solve FileBrowser can not copy and paste

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V211220.7z Update List:

  • fixup camera app can not auto install when plug usb camera
  • enlarge init env arg number to fixup recovery mode reboot issue
  • VIM3L add extboard es8316 cw201x bq25700_charger driver support
  • fixup Navigation bar display problem when chagne density
  • fixup systemui crash when change
  • update npu to version
  • extend board add logo led control mode
  • fix dts can not work normal issue

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V210906.7z Update List:

  • TvSettings add virtual keyboad enable item
  • update google apps
  • fixup 1360x768 resolution display issue
  • fixup display problem caused by add default single hdmi resolution
  • fixup VIM3/VIM3l HDR always enable
  • VIM3/VIM3L add user selinux policy for all hardware function
  • add user build firmware console input support
  • add battery manager driver
  • add es8316 audio driver
  • change system partition size
  • Fix the disconnection problem of 802.1x enterprise WiFi router
  • Fix screen saver can not start problem
  • change ota url

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V210527.7z Update List:

  • add Coexistence of WiFi and Ethernet
  • fixup 4G can not get network
  • add single resolution support
  • update amlogic sdk to p-amlogic-openlinux-20201225-ds-ott.xml version
  • update npu sdk version to

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V210128.7z Update List:

  • add khadas api support
  • add the function of copying and pasting files in the file browser application
  • update 800x480 HDMI vesa resolution parameter
  • fix ethernet issue for mainline kernel

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V201113.7z Update List:

  • fix bluetooth mic issue
  • fix AP6398S WI-FI module issue
  • fix the issue of playing youtube video on the MIPI LCD
  • update amlogic sdk source code from p-amlogic-openlinux-20200509-ott-aosp.xml to p-amlogic-openlinux-20200831-ds-ott.xml

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V200918.7z Update List:

  • add font size control menu
  • add hdmi vesa resolution support
  • add native UI support
  • add density control menu
  • add WI-FI rsdb support
  • add more usb ethernet modules support
  • add customer ircode support on KBI
  • fix recovery display issue

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V200624.7z Update List:

  • add usb gnss location support
  • add gsensor support
  • add force land menu for application
  • fix usb camera issue
  • add schedule power on/off control menu
  • add sound control menu
  • add m2x board control menu
  • add wakeup support for TS050
  • fix ssd storage format issue

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V200103.7z Update List:

  • add screen rotation menu for hdmi only
  • add bluetooth connect menu support
  • add status bar control menu support
  • add wifi hotpot menu support
  • add quectel EM06 4G module support
  • add logitech wifi k400 keyboard support
  • add OTA url for next update
  • fix usb microphone recording noise issue
  • fix wol menu issue
  • fix some display issues

Version: VIM3L_Pie_V191130.7z Update List:

  • add dual display support
  • add TS050 touch panel support
  • fix navigation issue (many thks to @superceleron )
  • change display density from 240 to 280
  • update amlogic sdk source code from p-amlogic_openlinux-20190720_aosp.xml to p-amlogic-openlinux-20191101-ott-aosp.xml

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