Vim3L Android 4k resolution

I am developing an applications for the VIM3L (latest official Android 9 build) that basicly displays 4k Videos and Pictures. When I was starting to write the app I was under the impression that I was getting a real 4k output. But as time moved on we noticed that the qualitiy of our 4k videos looked somehow bad (Its not the fault of the videos itself).

While debugging our app I found that our app was just rednering in 1080p. After some reading I found that the wm size is also just 1080p. I am currently a bit confused because in the settings the resolution is clearly labeled as 4k. I also found some topics in this forum where people tried to change that to native 4k, but they all failed.

Now my question: Is it possible to get real 4k videos output on the khadas VIM3L? And if so how would I do that?
And I want to understand what is going on there under the hood. What does the 4k option setting in the options actually do?

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i will check this problem later

@jschad make the above modifications will support 4k resolution

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Hi jasonl & jschad
Does any existing release android build for VIM3L include this change ?
I’ve neved compiled android … (yet) and I’m looking for the easiest way to fix this issue.
@jschad, can you share your build ?