VIM3L and Toneboard sounds bad

I’ve been listening to my VIM3L-Toneboard system through my home pre-amp-power amp and 'speakers and it does not sound very good. The bass sounds like cardboard and the mids-highs are very plasticy and fake sounding. I am playing HiRes and high quality FLAC files on the HiBy bit perfect player app and I’ve also tried Neutron Music Player, Odyssey player and a couple of others with no improvement.

Are there settings on the VIM3L or Toneboard I need to adjust?

Hi, is there a problem with the speakers or the sound source? DAC definitely has nothing to do with it. Try excluding your power amplifier from the wiring diagram and check

Thanks for replying.

Problem solved. The preamp equalizer was engaged with settings that made the music nasty.

I pointed out that the preamplifier is most likely to blame :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Yes, and thanks for that.