VIM3 yolov3 convert issue

I downloaded the newly released sdk last week and am working on the document below.

cfg file was downloaded from the path below.

The weight file was downloaded from the path below.

I succeeded in creating a file and a .nb file according to the document.
Based on this, when I ran the demo source, the results came out strange.

Can you possibly tell what is the cause?


@kwonSangKyun Hello, this is fixup with SDK 6.4.3. The new SDK will be available for download within today.

@kwonSangKyun The New SDK can be download now .


Tanks for your answer

@Frank Frank, i was trying to implement yolov3 on VIM3. But during the process, I get the following error.
Pls note that I have already downloaded the weights and .cfg file. Now even when I give the path as arguments, I am getting this error. Please help me with the same.

@Akkisony Darknet don’t need net-input and net-output parameters