Vim3 / Vim3L - MCE Remote

i am running CoreELEC on a Vim3 in eMMC.
Since i am used to the standard MCE remote control - is there a way to have it
working with the integrates ir-sensor?

Since CorelELEC is using about 500mb ram max i am thinking about taking the
vim3 4gb/32eMMC for desktop purposes and buy either a vim3 2gb/16eMMC
or a vim3L - will there be any differences in performances using CoreELEC?


Nope, You can enjoy the same performance on that device as well…

hi, it’s logical that this is the most productive configuration, the responsiveness of the system is instant, it is especially suitable for torrents online, where the download goes to RAM

yeah, You need a bit more RAM if using online streaming and and Torrents…

in my opinion, it is better to use a remote control with a gyroscope, and program the necessary buttons if there is a stock remote