VIM3&VIM3L Android NPU APP V1.1 Version Release

Here we release Android NPU APP V1.1 version

Change Log

  • add inception model support
  • Solve npu app sometimes cannot be opened

You can download NPU APK to install on VIM3 or VIM3L

The NPU APP is developed based on NPU SDK, so the firmware of VIM3 and VIM3L needs to be updated to the latest version before running the APP

Check Firmware Page to download the latest ROM

Please refer to the following documents if you want to know more the development details
How To Download NPU APP Code
How To Download NPU JNI Code
How To Run Android NPU Demo
How To Use Android NPU JNI



Can I add NPU SDK into VIM3 Android Pie AOSP?
Can we build NPU SDK along with Android Pie AOSP?
Because we can not use available firmware for our product.

NPU SDK have been included in the latest Pie aosp code

That is great.
Thank You @jasonl