VIM3/VIM3L-Android-11-32bit-V240117 Rom Beta

Please check VIM3 USB Burn Firmware Page or VIM3L USB Burn Firmware Page to download the ROM for USB burning.

ROM Infos:

Version(Beta): vim3/vim3l-android-11-32bit-v240117-beta.img.xz

Known important issues:

If you have any questions or improvements after experiencing the Beta version, please leave them in the comment area below.

We will submit the GitHub code when the official version is released. At that time, you can download and DIY it yourself.

Upgrade guidance:


Thank you very much. Since I don’t know how to build Android 11 for VIM3, I’m very glad that someone published this version, I’m looking forward to trying it.

Were there any significant changes compared to the previous V9 version? Is it possible to find the LOG somewhere?

Probably the most important for me, does anyone know if Android 11 will also be released in the ATV version? Because no one develops AndroidTV, or its development was completely abandoned, which is a real shame, because I have VIM3 connected to the TV and controlling it with a mouse is not always pleasant.
(It would really be good if at least one version of ATV was published, it was deleted from the official firmware.)