Vim3 user build

I’m building a user version of android for my vim 3. but after making it, it doesn’t boot. did anyone try it?

@Terry please help…

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i reported that some time a go!
Not a easy fix let me tell you…

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Now we don’t build tne android firmware with user version, maybe we can have a try, but it need more time to do it.

So ? what to do ? ? ?

@taimed Although I didn’t verify it, I guess it should be caused by SELinux. You can try to turn it off for verification.

bool IsEnforcing() {
+ return false; //add to close selinux
    return StatusFromCmdline() == SELINUX_ENFORCING;
  return true;

In addition, you can upload the log that can’t be turned on to me.

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Build it as user build but with selinux disabled as goenjoy said, i know it kind defeats the purpose of the user build, but is better than nothing and at least is not rooted.
Is you only option now.

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I’ll try and keep you posted