VIM3 ubuntu18.04 ROS

Vim3 installation ubuntu18.04,
Kernel version:Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20191231。

How to install ROS and whether ROS is supported for VIM3.

hi @mineslam
check documentation of ROS wiki,
they have provided support for Aarch64 devices, so it is supported :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s pls consider updating your ubuntu installation, bionic is very old,
ref to this for updating: Upgrade System | Khadas Documentation


Thanks, Our project is deployed in Ubuntu 18 04 environment, we want to use Ubuntu 18.04 development based on ROS system.Is there any way?

You can proceed to use it there will not be any immediate issue, but your firmware is quite old and will be missing features from the latest release like gpio capability etc

How can i install Ros for ubuntu20.04? sudo apt install ros-noetic-desktop-full? there no exist this command.

Here is a link to their site that shows what must be done before using apt.

If you still have problems after following their instructions exactly let us know.

The unable to locate error from apt was from not having the repository on your box.

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I want to use ros instead of ros2,I use Tsinghua ubuntu sources,sudo apt install ros-noetic-desktop-full, This command does not exist。

Only this packages,ros-desktop-full? instead of ros-noetic-desktop-full


Not sure, I don’t know anything about ROS OS. I just looked it up to provide some help, so much of this stuff is very confusing so it was looked up to provide some insight into the installation.

Best plan would be to look at the official website of the software.

Second rule is what I always do, if they don’t provide enough information then move on. No point in chasing your tail all day long trying to get something to work.

Be warned of the many monetized sites that will lead you down a rabbit hole so you will be exposed to more ads thus making them more money. Much of that stuff is copied from other sites, inaccurate and out of date.

Best place to get honest real help is on sites like this that are not monetized. If the ROS site has a forum try logging in and asking for some guidance.

If you can find the information about ROS you need and still need some help I am sure someone here will help with the install if that is hanging up.