Vim3 ubuntu black screen and white blinking led

Hello, when I install ubuntu on emmc and turn on vim3 for the first time, everything is fine and everything works, but when I turn off vim3 and turn on the next time, I just see a black screen, and a white led flashes on the Board. I tried ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 on emmc. But I also tried to load Android on emmc, and ubuntu on cd card, then everything worked and the black screen no longer appeared, but there was an old problem with the “green screen”. Please tell me what I can do in this situation

maybe you will try to install the image in Krescue in test mode, and watch, just in case, clean emmc there

I see way too many people that come into our community and ask for instructions or help for how to install ubuntu on emmc,
its like an extra hassle for people to get the board with android (which they aren’t going to use) and then wipe it and install ubuntu or some other OS,
so why does khadas waste the extra time to install Android when people aren’t going to use it, why not keep it like the VIM3L where you can get bare board with Android or HTPC with Coreelec, but instead put ubuntu,

@Gouwa what do you think ?

I think it already comes from the factory.
if I’m not mistaken, then Amlogic is based on Android

You can erase EMMC with uboot commaand store init 3 when you use SD card