VIM3 TV / ROM / Source Code latesst

Hi, khadas team,
I bought a vim3 days before, it was installed with android-pie’s TV ROM originaly, and the infrared controller was ok to use, but later i flash the android-R Rom from this site

who can tell me, where I could get the android-pie’s TV ROM again, and the corresponding source code.

   thanks a lot.

请问vim3 对应的rom 和源码从哪里能取到啊,vim3 板子原装的系统是一个TV 系统,遥控器是可以用的,这个对应的rom是哪个呀,对应的一套源码怎么下载呢?能有人指点一下吗。谢谢 Please help!

@khadas-lg Download AOSP source Code.

Thanks a lot , i will try it later,
and another question, how could i build a TV rom and enable the infrared controller?

VIM3_R_AOSP_V210604 这个ROM 是支持VIM3 配套的遥控器的哦