VIM3 & TS050 not working

I think I’m really unlucky with VIM3…
Because of the problems with 7" 1024x600 display, I decided to buy TS050.It cames today and after connecting LCD to VIM3 it is completely black (HDMI is disconnected). I was checking FPC connections multiple times, I’ve tried to upload multiple times Android image v200624 by USB Burning Tool and v200319 by Krescue with full EMMC clean every time and nothing… It is black all the time… It seems even the backlight doesn’t turn on…
Here is log from android boot - it seems that it detects panel

Hello @Terry @goenjoy

Please help on this.

@pawelseweryn, I am sorry to hear your problem

Can you show a picture of the display while you are trying to boot the device ?

Also, while doing that just make sure to check everything in this list is satisfied…

  • powersupply is above 12w

  • FPC cable connector is intact and not broken, no debris is in the FPC port…

  • Ensure it is in the MIPI-DSI port (obviously)

  • The FPC does not have scratches, kinks or bends
    (has proper circuit traces)

  • The display’s connector are properly attached, and

  • No Narrow (or) sharp objects is putting pressure on the back or edge of the display panel

After these things can be verified we can move onto the software bugs, and problems…

Yup, you are right. FPC cable is damaged, but on the LCD side.
I’ll return it ASAP.

Oh dear, how could it get damaged ?,even after 3 layers bubble wrap, if the ribbon cable got damaged, then something with t-rex claws must have gotten to it before you :see_no_evil:

well let’s see if it works after the replacement,

best of luck mate…

I don’t know how does the original box look like, but this one was the straight grey cardboard. The FPC cable (which you connects to VIM board) was wrapped around LCD, which, I think, isn’t best way of packing, as sharp edges of touchpanel can damage FPC cable. Maybe it wasn’t originally packed? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I’ve sent it back.

After 10 years experience with hardware stuff it is starting to be my nightmare :smiley: I’m afraid I will start to dream about displays not working with VIM3… :smiley:

hi, if it’s not a secret, where did you buy? :slightly_smiling_face:

That is just more scary mate…
mine came in 3 layers of red bubble wrap, so I was just ensuring it was the same for you, I hope that was enough to protect it…

me frantically looking at my TS050…

It had also three layers of bubbles (two red, one white), but FPC cable was connected to LCD and placed around the LCD.
I bought it at, seems to be Khadas store:
Maybe it was some kind of returnment or something?

I asked you for a reason, is it a problem for you, for example, to order directly from the official Khadas store? this is probably a problem in some countries

Theoretically it seems to be official Khadas store on Amazon.
1EUR = 4,4PLN, 1$ = 3,74PLN
Order from Khadas store (on website) costs: 79,99$ (49,99$ + 30$ shipping to Poland), so 300PLN
Order from Amazon costs: 57,3EUR (free shipping), so 252PLN
48PLN is up to 15 beers :stuck_out_tongue:

Moreover it sometimes happens, that customs office is adding taxes and fees to LCDs or other parts from outside of EU, especially from China.
When you are ordering from country from internal EU region it is intra-community trade, so they don’t even check anything. This is why Aliexpress sends packages now to Netherlands, Sweden or Belgium and then by some company to Poland :smiley:

Sorry for the trouble, but how does it get damaged ?

How long is does shipping take from amazon ?
including all the shipping time and customs waiting time and other stuff…

in a specific case, I think yes

I don’t know. I just take it from the box and bubbles. Then checked way of connection in docs, connected and started VIM3. It wasn’t working from the beginning. I was really carefull with it, so I don’t think that I could damage it anyway.

Beers? I don’t know :smiley:
TS050? I ordered it at 23.07 (thursday last week) and received today. There is no customs waiting time, because I ordered it from, so it is intra-community trade between EU countries.

I think Khadas mention about amazon stores in US and UK. Package came from UK.