VIM3 Pro + M2X Extender Board + SSD

Did anyone here get the VIM3 Pro to boot from SSD? Is there any info on how to do so?

Booting from 128GB USB stick is 100% OK from my experience (both 3.0 and 2.0 port).
So i think 256GB/512GB USB stick possibly similar.
Now on the market, the high end large size USB stick has similar performance as SSD, which is far more to meet digital AV/HIFI use.

I thought it was clear that I was referring to an SDD that’s connected via M.2, as I mentioned the extender board. However, let me clarify my question: Has anyone actually gotten the VIM3 Pro to boot from an SSD connected via M.2?

I think specific configuration for uboot has to be made to make it work.

Do you think booting from SSD will be faster than EMMC? When I can, I always try to run operating system from EMMC.

NVMe is faster than eMMC.

I’d like to know how too.

Hello, did you guys found the way to do it?

yes me too, i have M.2 SSD extneder board with samsung 960pro
i want to boot it from there