VIM3 Portable handheld

After weeks of development and optimization, I finally was able to cram it all together and make a portable VIM3 paired with a TS050 touchscreen and came out quite well…

Unlike my older prototypes which were made of cardboard and were super weak
This one is made of plastic and is more durable, and resilient,

There are cutouts for the ports and Is powered by a powerbank, allowing you to take it on-the-go…
(freedom from the Iron-clutches of the Family-TV :wink:)

This project was super fun and costed me the following resources:

  • 1x VIM3
  • 1x TS050 touchscreen
  • 1x Plastic box
  • 2x exacto blades (this stuff was rock-solid and broke 2 of my best men Blades)
  • 3 Bandages on my fingers, trying to recover right now :face_with_head_bandage:

But most importantly it now is a amazing Android/Linux handheld :smiley:
Boasting the power of the fastest ARM SBC on the Market !

If you want to make this, tell me and I will help you and solve your queries of how to build it…



I liked the sample from a buyer on AliExpress

That is nice, but are you sure it is portable or more importantly a “Handheld” !? :sweat_smile:

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Well, firstly, I don’t have such a pocket either, as in your picture, and secondly, I still have ToneBoard on my picture!
I get the impression that you hold it with your hands so that the structure does not collapse, well, or so it seems to me.

Please demonstrate how you put your assembly in your pocket?

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It is a handheld, kind of like a tablet-PC,
you can’t put a tablet in your pocket, It looks ridiculous :rofl:

regarding the integrity of the structure, don’t be afraid, I have spent much time using it, with it being upside down and shuffled around, it stays still and the components don’t rattle around…