Vim3 mount emmc from SD ubuntu install

I was wondering if I could utilize the emmc storage from an OS running on the SD Card. Purpose would be to just have the OS run on the SD and be able to mount EMMC at like /mnt/docker so I could run my containers from there.

Could I use fdisk to format it and pop it into /etc/fstab?

Yes it is possible but make sure you have a working uboot on your sd installation first.

Once you have a working uboot on sdcard and you have ubuntu running on it then you can mount your emmc to any mount point using fstab.

Good luck.


What constitutes a working uboot on the sd installation? I downloaded the latest ubuntu image from Khadas firmware and flashed it onto the sd. It boots up just fine. My only issue is that “sudo fdisk -l” doesn’t list the emmc anywhere.

Nevermind. Found it. I got confused in the output of fdisk -l. The emmc device is simply /dev/mmcblk2.