Vim3 MIPI Pinout

I compared the pinouts of vim3 MIPI interface in the schematic and the pinouts of the OS08A10 camera used for vim3. I found that the pinouts of the two are not exactly the same. The differents ones are pins 8, 9, 19, 21, 24.
If we want to customize our own camera module, which one should we use as a reference?


Hello @JJ1997

About PIN8 & PIN9 are for dual cameras, for OS08A10 is is NC.

About PIN19 PIN21 PIN24 are reset and power control, for OS08A10 we don’t use PIN19, but if you design your camera you also can choose to use it. For PIN21 is used for IRCUT pin for OS08A10, if your camera don’t have such function you can ignore it or you can also use it as power or reset pin.