VIM3, MAC and efuse/unifykey


Is a mac eth store in unifykey? This is what i understood from reading eFuses for MAC Addresses and Serial Numbers.

Is there a way to read unifykey from uboot? I’m using uboot 2020.07-rc5.


Random mac at boot is making me crazy.

Ok… found, but seems limited to khadas u-boot fork.
I’m using mainline: 2020.11.


Hello, This is out of my element and I think this is for the VIM1, but maybe something here will help. Also check here.

Thx! I hardcoded the mac yesterday following the 1st guide, but it isn’t a nice following for the linux distro I’m working on. Khadas uboot seems to suppoort a way to read mac via kbi, but I prefer to go mainline.