VIM3(L-what designation)?

please tell me what the letter (L) stands for?

I have not found an entry for this, but it will probably be (LIGHT or Little? )?


Yes, L stands for “lite” model I guess, but unfortunately as seen VIM3L has the better ARMv8.2 ISA rather than the ARMv8 ISA.

Better ask the Khadas engineers for the reason… :wink:

probably “Little”, like the younger brother of vim3?

but as I said, I didn’t name him, ask the engineers… :grin:

yes, buddy, the question is probably more for them, I just thought that somewhere there is a record on this account, I just did not see

for example, there is vim3 Basic ,but not vim3B

Correct :slightly_smiling_face:


well I guessed that right,

thank you all for the information, I was also somewhere near in my thoughts

L means Lonely

VIM3L, is the ONLY model with the S905D3 chip

2gig ram 16 gig memory thats it

Is there a 4 gig memory version? nope
Is there a 4X32 version? nope

VIM3L is the ONLY board in the S905D3 family, other chipsets got a few other flavors but the L

L is the loneliest SBC that you’ll ever see,

sing it

L is the loneliest letter

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Being a multicore SoC means never being lonely. :laughing:

I have a bunch of the S905X3 boxes, 1 X2 (905X2) and i have to say its not my favorite SoC chip

I could of said Lame, compared to the other SoCs IMO the 905 has the worst image

Both VIM1 and VIM3L imo have a very grainy image quality, not sure if the 905 and 905D3 share the same GPU or if its the SoC itself

Ide take the 912 over 905 any day

this configuration can be suitable for many specific tasks!

yes, perhaps this is the only circumstance

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Seems very satirical… :neutral_face: