VIM3 Khadas Android miss GPU devfreq for changing frequency

Hello all,

I need changing the frequency of the GPU for Khadas vim3 running Android.

There are no mail governors in devfreq to set governor or change the frequency of the GPU with the command line.

I also try to enable mali devfreq in the kernel but this option is not available in the kernel which is used in Khadas AOSP. I am wondering why “arm” directory is missing in drivers/gpu of Khadas AOSP. In Andriod AOSP of this board, there is this option however Android AOSP does not support NPU.

I really appreciate it if you let me know how could I enable GPU DVFS? Why Khadas team do not complete drivers/gpu/ or are they supposed to complete it?

PS: We are designing an embedded lab systems course at university for 20 students, and need GPU DVFS working on this board.


I appreciate related people in Khadas team if they could guide me in this regard.

I need to know if npu will be supported in google AOSP soon or gpu dvfs will be supported in khadas AOSP soon, as I need gpu dvfs and npu.

We should setup this course soon.