VIM3 ISP sensor mode settings

I am running a Khadas VIM3 with an Ubuntu 18.04 image built using Fenix. I am trying to bring up the IMX415 with our own sensor driver including some custom sensor modes as well as our own sensor initialization sequences.

The only point I am unsure about is the .bps value in each of the sensor modes, as I am not sure how this should be calculated. For example, one of the modes I have is 1920x1080@30fps using RAW12 in linear mode. What formula would I use to then calculate the bps value for this mode. Would I also require any additional parameters such as the sensor MIPI clock speed?


Hi @Anthony_McGivern

Have you checked the sensor datasheet for this information ?

Framerate to bps values have been mentioned here in the table.

you can also check this driver implementation,

Ah I see. That is perfect thanks, I had not seen this before in the datasheet.