Vim3 how to change framebuffer to 3840x2160

I need change framebuffer to 4k (3840x2160)
I want change
wm size
physical size 1920x1080 -> 3840x2160

how to do this?
please help

which OS / kernel version ?

android pie, I don’t know kernel version. how to check it?
I download recently version source

ask @Terry about android

Kernel version…

settings - about the device or aida64

setting can’t change true real 4k resolution…
we can check use adb wm size

Hello! As a rule, during installation, the device will select the maximum resolution of your monitor. In any case, I always had it on Android vim3, in my case it’s 4K

Hello Vladimir
android setting menu 4k is virtual resolution… this is not real true 4k
check adb shell -> wm size
and check physical size
physical size is real resolution.

I’m sorry, what permission do you have at the moment?

my question is change framebuffer resolution in souce code

I don’t understand your mention

I became aware that you mean :slightly_smiling_face:

Vim3 processor(GPU) is not fast enough to display real 3840x2160p frame-buffer resolution in Android.
You will need to wait for new Amlogic or Rockchip chipsets that are released the end of the year or early next year.
The Nvidia Shield is the only device fast enough to display real 4K frame-buffer at the moment.

Hello mo123
I don’t care performance… I test rk3399 board for 4k.
and success. yes little slow… but my test result
video play has 50fps. if add opengl … drop down 10fps…

so I want test same 4k use… vim3…
rk3399 team support very good. I test 4k just 1 minute coding…
rk3399 can support 4k just one line…

vim3 … I modify source and test 4 day… still fail… please help

Dear byungkyu,

Please let me know your test.
I want know how to “rk3399 can support 4k just one line…” also if you can share as you said " I test 4k just 1 minute coding…"?

Best Regards