VIM3 Hardware video encoding example for H264/265

I’m considering VIM3 as a solution for encoding HD video to H264/265. The gstreamer plugin doesn’t work, and there are no examples that I could find on how to use the library example to encode a real-time stream.

Please advise on how to uncode the Kadas camera, hardware encoding in real time. I’m surprised you don’t have a working LInux image released for this feature.


Please check the encode demo:

And here also have a UVC decode & encode demo.

I’m using your released Linux image for kernel 4.9 as documented. I downloaded and compiled the uvc_capture_aml library and get the following error when encoding the Khadas camera:

./uvc_capture_aml -d /dev/video0 -w 1920 -h 1080 -e -o test.h264

Supported formats:
VIDIOC_S_FMT failed.

The program fails to run. Have you tested this on the Linux 4.9 kernel image?


For anybody trying to make this work, the uvc_capture_aml utility only supports cameras that output MJPEG format. RGB24 or NV12 is not supported and won’t work with the Khadas camera. Khadas camera doesn’t support MJPEG format.

The demo is for USB camera not for MIPI camera, MIPI camera no need to decode.